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A dab tool station is a device used for preparing and handling concentrates, also known as "dabs," for vaporization or smoking. Dab tool stations typically consist of a flat, heat-resistant surface, such as a ceramic or glass tile, where concentrates can be heated and manipulated with a variety of specialized tools. These tools may include dabber pens or rods, tweezers, scoops, spoons, and other implements used to scoop, spread, and shape the concentrates. Some dab tool stations also include built-in heating elements, such as e-nails or torches, to heat the concentrates to the appropriate temperature for vaporization.

Other features that may be included on a dab tool station are storage compartments for tools, containers for holding concentrates, and stands or holders for vaporizers or other smoking devices. Overall, a dab tool station is a useful and convenient tool for anyone looking to consume concentrates in a safe and efficient manner.

Our dab stations give true cannabis connoisseurs the flexibility & convenience to take their dabs anywhere & everywhere.  With a built-in silicon mat, you can rest assured knowing your rig won't be slipping and falling.


This listing will include:
x1 CEO Dab Station

x1 Silicone Mat

x1 Dab Tool

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