Shorter Veg Times

Our team is equiped with over 7 years of knowledge pertaining to expidited growing. We offer 24/7 customer support to all growers looking to maximize yields while mitigating losses.

Cloning Cannabis Plants

Cloning cannabis plants has never been easier! We proivde innovative technique & equipment to assist you with taken your grow to the next level.

Increasing Yields

Every growers dream is to maximize yields. Coincidentally, this is obtainable. Reach out to our team of growing experts at and schedule a call today!

Customizable Products

Cannabis, despite what anyone says. Is a game of branding. If you are trying to scale your business, it is essantial you stay ahead of the curve. Every company needs products & here at Cannabis Growing Equipment we want to assist you in bringing these products to market. With over 13 years in product development experience we have what it takes to conceptualize & mass produce your ideas.

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Growing should be easy, which is why our team is committed to providing our clients with innovative cannabis growing supplies & cannabis plant training equipment. We want to see you take your cultivation to the next level. With the right tools and resources you can mitigate the amount of time it takes to harvest, cut the amount of cash you are spending on unneccessary items & increase your yields quarter after quarter. Our team is here to assist. Reach out today and find out what sort of products you need to get to the next level.



  • -Hort

    “Clips gonna clip, and these clip hard”

  • Nicholas San Pedro

    "CEO GROW is a super dope company! They were able to get me custom cannagar molds within 5 days. Awesome customer support and turnaround time. "

  • -Berry

    What can I say? They work.